Drills provide a valuable service in many homes. From mixing paint to building fences, hand drills make quick work of any job that requires drilling, driving or rotating power. Dewalt drills are among the most common with experienced users for their reputation of durability and reliability. Change bits by hand to eliminate the need for a chuck key, which is small and commonly misplaced.

Change bits by hand in your Dewalt drill.

Step 1

Lock the power switch in the "Off" position to prevent accidentally powering the drill while handling the drill bit chuck. For added safety, remove the battery, and set it aside while replacing bits.

Step 2

Hold the drill securely in one hand, and grasp the chuck sleeve with the other. Position the drill body so the bit chuck is pointing away. Turn the chuck sleeve counterclockwise as if facing the chuck. The bit chuck will open as you turn the sleeve.

Step 3

Remove the drill bit when the chuck releases the bit. Insert the new bit about 3/4 inches into the bit chuck. Turn the chuck sleeve clockwise as if facing the bit chuck to tighten the chuck on the drill bit.

Step 4

Release the power switch lock. Plug the battery into the drill and begin drilling. The drill bit will become tighter in the bit chuck as the drill is operating.