DIY Shop-Vac Filters

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A shop-vac is a great tool to have around the house to clean up many different types of messes. While it is similar to a vacuum cleaner, a shop-vac is more heavy-duty, and there are many advantages to having one around. Over time, like many other appliances, the filter will need to be changed. Changing a shop-vac filter can be a costly task when new ones have to be bought on a consistent basis. Making your own shop-vac filter is one alternative that most homeowners can complete without any problems or troubles.


Step 1

Lay out a pair of pantyhose and cut off the legs with scissors. Tie the pant hose together so there is no opening in the bottom of them and make sure they are firmly tied so nothing can get through.

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Step 2

Unplug the shop-vac and turn it off. Locate the four clips that hold the top of the shop-vac in place. Pull up on those clips so they release from the shop-vac and remove the top of it.


Step 3

Set the top of the shop-vac on the ground and find the filter located underneath this top section. Turn the shop-vac on its side and slide the pantyhose carefully over the filter so it is secure to the filter and not moving around at all.

Step 4

Set the top of the shop-vac back into place and re-attach the clips so the top of the shop-vac is secure to the bottom. Plug it in and turn it on to make sure it is working properly.

Step 5

Vacuum up the area that was going to be cleaned and make sure the vacuum is working to ensure the pantyhose filter has been properly installed.

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