My Dyson Has Lost Suction

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Dyson manufactures vacuum cleaners that the company claims will never lose suction as long as you properly maintain the machine. There are several things that might make a Dyson vacuum lose suction, such as clogged hoses or a dirty filter. Fix these issues to restore suction. Always consult the Dyson Company to see if they will cover the cost of repairs if you are unable to restore the suction on your own.


Step 1

Unplug the machine.

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Step 2

Remove the filter. On most machines the filter is above the dirt canister. Remove it by pulling the dirt canister from the machine and removing the canister lid. Dyson has bright release buttons that are easily accessible and visible.


Step 3

Remove the filter from the filter frame if it has one. The filter frame is a hard piece of plastic that will support the flexible filter.

Step 4

Run the filter under cool water until you remove all the debris.

Step 5

Wring the filter out and let it air dry completely.


Step 6

Put the filter back into the frame and the machine.

Step 7

Remove the hose by lifting the release cap on the wand handle and pulling the hose out.

Step 8

Remove the wand handle by pressing the release button and pulling the hose out.


Step 9

Check inside the hose for clogs. Remove any clogs with a long-handled brush.

Step 10

Put the wand handle back on the hose and put the hose back into the machine.

Step 11

Remove the hose from the U-bend and check it for clogs. The U-bend is on the back of the bottom of the machine. Remove any clogs with a long-handled brush.

Step 12

Replace the hose.



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