Do-It-Yourself Fumigation

There are few household issues more annoying and disgusting than insects. They can carry disease and are an eyesore. If your home is overrun with bugs, then fumigating is your best choice. Fumigating a home uses dangerous chemicals and gases that kill the insects, but it can also be harmful to plants, animals and humans. Do-it-yourself fumigating can be dangerous, but you can do it successfully with proper preparation and precautions to ensure the safety of your family and pets.

Do-it-yourself fumigation requires extensive preparation.

Step 1

Remove all food from the house, including anything in cabinets, freezers and refrigerators. Tape everything into sealed bags as an alternative to getting rid of all the food. Remove or seal any pet and plant food in the home as well. Remove any ice in freezers and ice makers. Seal all medications in plastic bags.

Step 2

Open any bags of clothing. Open any plastic furniture coverings. Open all cabinets, interior doors, drawers and safes. This allows the gas to get in and kill any bugs or larvae living in the bags and coverings.

Step 3

Remove all pets, plants and people from the home until after the home has been fumigated and aired out. Any pets or plants in the home may become sick or die from exposure to the fumes. This includes any pets that eat plants exposed to the fumes.

Step 4

Shut and lock all access to the outside, including doors and windows. Turn off all heating and cooling units. Turn off all fans. Seal any access that would allow the gas to travel outside the home, including laundry vents and exhausts holes.

Step 5

Place the fumigation bombs throughout the home. Leave the home and allow the gas to disperse and infiltrate the home for 15 to 30 hours before returning.

Step 6

Enter the home. Open all windows and doors to the outside, allowing the home to air out any remaining gas. Collect and dispose of all fumigation gas canisters.

Brock Cooper

Brock Cooper attended Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Ill. He was a reporter for seven years with a daily in Illinois before branching out into marketing and media relations. He has experience in writing everything from press releases to features on a variety of subjects and forums. His work can be seen in NewsTribune newspaper, Chicago Parent magazine and several websites.