How to Add a Mobile Home to Your Property for an Elderly Parent

Caring for an elderly parent living in another city is difficult. Several options exist to care for the parent, such as assisted living centers, that carry price tags and unknown quality of care. Another option is to move the parent onto your existing property allowing the parent to maintain independence while giving you the ability to be immediately available in case of an emergency. Many legal and utility requirements must be addressed before moving a mobile home onto your property for an elderly parent.

Elderly people need their independence as much as anyone.

Step 1

Contact your local zoning office to identify legal requirements for adding a mobile home to an existing property. Some locations restrict the placement of mobile homes on certain types of property.

Step 2

Hire an electrical contractor to come out and survey the land. Identify any requirements for running additional lines or having to add additional meters to the property for the second home.

Step 3

Request a site survey for water, sewage and gas needs from the appropriate local utility companies. The utility companies will determine whether additional lines are needed or whether the mobile home can immediately tap into existing lines. The companies will have a list of names of approved contractors capable of completing the job.

Step 4

Hire a mobile home mover to relocate the mobile home onto the property including leveling the mobile home and connecting of the water, sewage, gas and electrical lines.

John Walker

John Walker started a writing career with technical manuals in the Army in 1995. He continued writing manuals and standards of operating procedures for various employers specializing in information technology, office products, auto mechanics and home repair. He graduated with a degree in Global Business Management in 2010.