Do it Yourself: Granicrete Countertops

Granicrete is a product designed to resurface countertops to protect them with a layer than can be painted to resemble a variety of natural rock or used with an original scheme depending on the homeowner's plans. It is not usually used as a replacement for old countertops, but rather as a finishing layer on top of other counters such as laminate or Formica. It takes several days to install Granicrete correctly.

Granicrete can imitate many styles.

Materials and Preparation

Make sure that your counters are very clean. Use a high-quality cleaner to remove any oil or grime that has built up on any part of the counter, including any removable wax finishes. Be sure to clean the counter again right before installing the Granicrete, and wait for it to dry completely. No moisture or dust can be present underneath the Granicrete layers.

The only tools you should need yourself are a trowel and a disposable paint brush. The Granicrete you buy should come with other necessary tools, including a mixing container and a mixing paddle. If you do not receive these, use a bucket for the mixing container (make sure it is also clean and dust free) and preferably a mixing paddle that you can attach to a drill in order to mix the Granicrete solutions thoroughly.

Applying Granicrete

Granicrete is laid down in three distinct layers. The first base layer you will apply with your trowel, while the next two layers are applied with your brush and carefully smoothed down. Begin by mixing the correct amount of Granicrete with water as per the instructions that came with your Granicrete. Different amounts of water are needed for different strengths. Mix it well until it is smooth, then apply to the counter, smoothing out the mixture as you go (it can be very thin, only around 1/16 of an inch). Wait a day for it to dry, then add the coloring layer.

What colors you get with your Granicrete depend on the design you want to use. The Granicrete company prefers that consumers attend their seminars and then gain access to an online site to find out more information about their styles and methods of painting certain complicated granite patterns. The seminars are expensive (often several hundred dollars), and if you do not order from Granicrete immediately afterward, they may revoke your manual link access. If you want to avoid these seminars, try to find extra panels of tile or laminate to practice on first.

The last layer is an epoxy covering that protects the Granicrete color. Mix the epoxy well, using cold water, and then brush it on quickly and smoothly, since epoxy dries very quickly. It will take a week for the epoxy to fully cure, but you should be able to use it after several days.

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