How to Build a Wooden Watchtower

Watch towers are raised platforms that are used for lookouts. Watch towers are used in a variety of settings. Beaches and forests use watch towers for safety reasons. Sports like paintball use watch towers to enhance the excitement of the game. Build a watch tower using treated lumber. Treated lumber will ensure a long life to your watch tower without the need of being stained. Secure the base of your tower in cement and the tower will be sturdy for many years.

Outdoor structures are often built using treated lumber.

Step 1

Dig four 12-inch diameter holes that are 48-inches deep so their centers outline a square that is 66-by-66-inches. Position a timber in the center of each hole so the sides on each timber are aligned with the square that you outlined and so they are perpendicular to the ground. Pound two landscaping stakes around each timber so each pair of stakes create a right angle with each other. The stakes will hold the timbers in an upright position. Pour 2-cubic-feet of cement around each timber and let it cure according to the instructions on the package.

Step 2

Screw a 72-inch board to a pair of timbers so it is at a right angle to the timbers and 48 inches away from the top ends of the timbers. Use six screws. The ends of the board should be flush with the sides of the timbers. Repeat this process on every side so you have a square frame around the timbers.

Step 3

Screw four joist hangers to the inside of one 72-inch board. Space the hangers 8 3/4 inches apart and position them so their bottom lips that hold the joists are flush with the bottom edge of the board. Repeat this process on the board that is across from it so the joist hangers are facing each other and aligned.

Step 4

Place a 72-inch board in each pair of facing hangers. Screw two screws through each hanger and into these boards. Angle the screws so they also screw into the 72-inch board that they are perpendicular to.

Step 5

Lay ten 72-inch boards on top of the four boards you fastened on the last step at right angles. Position them so they're spaced 1/2 inch apart and so their ends are flush with the two outside 72-inch boards that are screwed to the timbers. Screw the boards in place using 12 screws for each board. Screw the two 61-inch boards on the outside of the 10 boards you just fastened so their ends are against the timbers and so they're 1/2 inch away from the ten 72-inch boards. Use eight screws for each board.

Step 6

Screw a 72-inch board to each pair of timbers so their top edge is flush with the top ends of the timbers and so their ends are flush with the sides of the timbers. You will have a 72-inch board on each side of the watch tower. Screw another 72-inch board so it is 18 inches below the first. You will have one side of the watch tower that does not have a lower 72-inch board. Use your ladder to enter the watch tower from this side.

Brandon Salo

Brandon Salo is a world-traveling writer, musician, medical technician and English teacher. After earning his degree at Northern Michigan University, he traveled the world while writing, performing as a jazz pianist and teaching English. In 2014 he worked as an emergency medical technician in New York state before he left to travel the world while finishing his first book.