A Versatile Coffee Table Makes a Stylish Living Room Even More Functional

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This sleek and contemporary living room designed by Anne Sage is all kinds of stylishly satisfying. Blank white walls become the perfect showcase for the rich colors and clean patterns that abound in this space, enhancing their effect without allowing them to overwhelm the look. Take the cozy rug with a simple design, for instance: it adds a layer of texture that's beautifully complemented by the denim-inspired chair and textural plant life nearby. Then, above the mantle, teeny tiny bulbs provide necessary function, but their black bases also tie them into the artwork they're framing. Finally, open shelving beneath the window is a space-saving solution that creates opportunity for more personality-infused decor. That midcentury slat bench turned coffee table takes this look to the next level, though, with a timeless silhouette that can easily be transformed into extra seating in a pinch.

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