This Colorful Bohemian Bedroom Is the Stuff of Summertime Dreams

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Can you imagine a room more fitting for a laid-back summer getaway than this charming little spot from The Beach Lodge? As it turns out, you don't have to imagine at all — this space is actually an Airbnb. But if you were hoping to incorporate this look into your surroundings without packing your bags, here's how to make it work in your own address: pair charming rustic accents with warm sunset colors. Here, a pair of twin beds are separated by a single bamboo nightstand and vintage lamp, which add a rich layer of eclectic warmth, while natural wood headboards against a shiplap wall enhance the idyllic vibes. Meanwhile, simplistic accessories work as clever details — from the colorful artwork, to the sailing trinkets, to the small plant — which match the equally vibrant pink and orange throws against the white linens. But it's those candy-colored pillows that are especially vital, since their varied hues in upbeat tones link the overhead prints and nearby knickknacks to the blankets at the end of the beds.

Bring some of these beachy vibes home with a boho throw like this one.

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