Let This Perfectly Symmetrical Kitchen Be Your Calm Escape for Today

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Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser never disappoints on the sophisticated style front, and this example is obviously no exception: the artful balance she strikes between the black and white color palette sets a contemporary tone that's calm and collected. How exactly did she pull it off? By using simple yet sleek silhouettes to give the space a timeless quality. For instance, a mostly white tablecloth keeps the rich ebony seating from overwhelming the dining area, while the accompanying bench provides an airy transition over to the nearby island. Similarly, the visual weight of the twin black pendants finds an equal match in the minimal stools within the center sightline. Rounded finishes soften the more angular shapes of the geometric windows, and the light flooring and walls — not to mention, the mediating gray shade of the island — work to brighten the black details. If you think that your home would do well to follow in this look's shadow, then start with those stools. Their blend of airy form and necessary function are the ideal addition to an equally cool kitchen.

Add a pair of these stools to recreate this kitchen for yourself.

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