If You're Ready to Ditch Minimalism, Then This Living Room Is Your Guide

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It's no secret that we love a minimalist space, but that doesn't mean that we don't also have room in our hearts for another design trend: maximalism. And this living room by Zio and Sons, shared by Fine Decoration, perfectly exemplifies why. Maximalism is essentially just like it sounds: a "more is more" approach that provides plenty of opportunities to showcase your personal style. In this instance, traditionalism meets modernism in a fun, bright setting. A shelving unit displays sentimental treasures in a contemporary design, which meets a classic gallery wall of antique finds. Meanwhile, a traditional chandelier matches a bold mirror for a hint of glamour against a rustic brick backdrop, and a blue statement couch offsets wood accents in accessories. Yes, it's quite a lot. But, here's the trick: be organized about groupings to avoid chaos, and make sure everything has a complementary partner. Then, decide that you're going to own this look no matter what.

Add a chic blast from the past to a maximalist aesthetic with this midcentury coffee table.

Saints Coffee Table ( $318 )

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