Honestly, a Rattan Daybed Is Exactly What Your Kid's Room Needs

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If you have a kid, opting for a pared-back design in his or her bedroom can make daily cleanup a whole lot easier. But how do you do that while still making sure to create a stimulating environment? It's actually as simple as this example. This sweet space by Live Loud Girl makes a big impression using very little decor, thanks to a cohesive color palette and thoughtful styling. The dusky blue paint on the bottom half of the wall provides a strip of aesthetic warmth, while a handmade poster and a cartoonish rain cloud heightens that creativity with a kid-friendly quirk. As for the furnishings, a few smart picks in the same light shade keeps the look casual, and their clean lines add a touch of trendy sophistication. But it goes without saying that the rattan daybed is the swoon-worthy star of the decor, since it's a visually compelling focal point that works for play and naps. When thinking of a simplistic layout for a kid's corner, choose a piece like this — it's minimalist, flexible, and fun.

Find out how a daybed fits into your kiddo's room by bringing one home.

Pari Rattan Daybed ($998)

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