Master These Three Design Rules to Keep a Confident Look In Check

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If you like to keep a fairly neutral color palette, but you still want to infuse your look with plenty of life, then check out this example captured by Emily Katz. Instead of relying solely on bright colors to match the space's natural light, she incorporates three design elements with impressive mastery: texture, movement, and symmetry. The rounded, roving lines of the artwork keep your eye moving from one print to the next, while the patterns on the throw pillows below perfectly blend with the framed lines above. By the way, did you notice the balance between the shapes and colors in that arrangement? It's that type of equilibrium that allows for experimentation — from the aforementioned confident designs down to the chunky throw on the couch. And while the inclusion of natural woods balances out the brown and yellow shades, the hanging pendant light does the heavy lifting of bringing that warmth, texture, and movement to the rest of the decor.


Bring home a pendant light to see how it can drive home your own funky aesthetic.

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