Wallpaper Stairs Are the Design Detail You Didn't Know You Needed

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Interior design lovers, take note: this is how to nail a fresh take on a longstanding material. If your aesthetic tastes lean toward timeless, but you still want to experiment with new ideas, then digest all of this inspiration from Old Home Love. The dark wood floors have an old-fashioned flair that'll look amazing no matter the decade, and the rich colors of the variegated rug complement the depth of the overall design. An ornate hallway tray-table further enhances the classic nature of this home, as the height of the flowers fills up the white space of the wall with life and movement. But of course you know that it's those uniquely beautiful stairs we're eyeing most of all. If you pay close attention, you'll see that each stair's coloring connects to the next, creating the illusion that you're stepping right into a painting. Investing in traditional wallpaper and putting it in unexpected places, like a staircase, is a great trick to blend old-school mainstays with modern style.

Add this wall mural to your staircase to bring this decor twist home.

Komar Velvet Wall Mural ($70.13)

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