Mastering the Art of Shapes When Working With Jewel Tones

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Have you ever seen a jewel-toned living room you didn't like? Us, either. And this contemporary gem by Home Beautiful may have just inched above the competition with a saturated color palette that's balanced by neutral hues. Emerald and sapphire work as the dominant shades, especially on the midcentury couch, giving the look a vibrant energy. Meanwhile, pastels add in a soothing layer of softness — just see how that matching blue tint is diffused in the area rug — as white walls and built-ins lend their part as bright backdrops. Of course, that variegated artwork is striking, but we particularly love how the delicate nesting tables provide an unobtrusive balance to the bold colors synchronizing in this space. As important as it is to make sure that all pigments in a design are complementary, don't forget to think about coordinating shapes, too. The circular shape of the coffee tables, albeit in different sizes, heighten the sophistication of the room without disrupting sight lines.

Balance a bold batch of hues with a pair of chic nesting tables of your own.

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