Food as Art? This Hanging Garden Makes a Strong Case for It

We like to think that living in a small space isn't limiting, it's challenging — and those hurdles are begging you to overcome them. If you have a green thumb but can't quite figure out how to incorporate your love of plant life into tight quarters, then get inspired by this idea from Homes Plus Magazine. It's a quick fix for a personal garden and a charming piece of art: simply hang this contained solution in your kitchen, and you'll always have the freshest ingredients within arm's reach. Not only is it super practical, but the contrast between the black chalkboard paint and greenery also makes for incredibly compelling decor, right? And since you can update the herbs and labels with the seasons, you'll always have an eye-catching corner that'll make everyone green with envy.

Instantly step up your kitchen's style by bringing this treasure home.

Chalkboard Wall Planter ($115.96)

Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

Kelly is a full-time freelance writer, aspiring aerialist, and passionate interior design enthusiast. She's a regular contributor to design-centric publications like Apartment Therapy, The Spruce, and TexasLiving Magazine.