The Clapper Plus is an electrical switch that allows users to control appliances with a clap or remote. When you first purchase your device, you have to set it up according to your preferences. The set up for manual operation and remote-controlled operation are similar. After setting up the device, you do not need to perform any additional programming unless you opt to use the device with another appliance. You can program up to two different appliances to work with the Clapper Plus.

The Clapper Plus can control any electrical device including lamps.

Manual Operation

Step 1

Turn the switch on the side of the Clapper Plus to "HI."

Step 2

Plug the appliance you want to control with the Clapper Plus into the receptacle that corresponds with the number of claps you want to use. For example, if you want to use three claps to control the appliance, plug the appliance into receptacle III.

Step 3

Plug the Clapper Plus into the wall outlet in which the appliance was plugged in.

Step 4

Turn on the appliance to activate the device.

Step 5

Clap the required number of times to turn off the appliance. Pause about half a second long between the claps.

Remote-Controlled Operation

Step 6

Install the Clapper Plus as you normally would for manual operation.

Step 7

Turn the slot on the back of the Clapper Plus remote using a coin to unlock the battery cover. Remove the cover.

Step 8

Insert the included battery into the remote and replace the battery cover.

Step 9

Press and hold the button for one second that corresponds with the slot in which you plugged in the appliance to the Clapper Plus. For example, if the appliance is plugged into receptacle II, press and hold the "II" button.