How to Reset a Bonaire Comfort Control

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Bonaire is an Australian manufacturer of remote-controlled home heating and cooling systems. Each of its systems uses a hand-held remote control for programming and troubleshooting. As with any wireless device, interference and controls from a nearby unit can cause the system to work improperly. The remedy is to reset the Bonaire comfort control user four-digit code. The Bonaire comfort system also locks out the unit during a fault sequence and displays "Reset" on the controller. This helps protect the system during power surges and other minor electrical faults.


Step 1

Turn the power switch on your Bonaire Comfort system "Off" and immediately turn it back to the "On" position.

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Step 2

Press and hold the "Heat/Cool/Fresh Air" and the "Off" button at the same time. Release the buttons when "Set Code" and your four digits appear on the display screen.


Step 3

Change each digit using the directional keys below the power button. Press "Enter" after you change a digit to progress to the next digit. After all four digits are entered, the word "Code" will flash.

Step 4

Wait 15 seconds and the word "Code" stops flashing. The unit is now ready for operation.

Step 5

Press and release the "Set/Time" button and the "Enter" button at the same time, if the display reads "Reset."

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