How to Set a Siemens Thermostat

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As a division of the Siemens AG global electronics company, Siemens Industry U.S.A. Building Technologies provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to commercial and residential customers worldwide. Siemens offers single-room and multi-room thermostats with various features to best suit your heating and cooling needs. Whether you have a single room or a multi-room Siemens thermostat, clearly labeled function switches make setting your thermostat quick, simple and painless.


Step 1

Locate the "Mode" switch on the front of your Siemens thermostat. Move the switch into the appropriate position to access the desired mode: Choose between "Fan," "Heat" or "Cool."

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Step 2

Rotate the "Set Point Adjuster" knob on the thermostat to set the appliance to the desired temperature. Note that the temperature is indicated on the thermostat in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.


Step 3

Set the fan speed for your thermostat. Turn your attention to the "Fan Speed" switch located just above the "Mode" switch. Move the switch into the desired position, choosing between "Low," "Medium," "High" and "Off."



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