Types of Partition Walls

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Glass block partitions provide a more decorative element than other types of partition walls.

When you need to divide an area of your home into separate rooms or spaces, a partition wall is an ideal option. In most cases, partition walls are thin, non-load-bearing walls, so they are fairly easy to construct. There are several different types of partition walls, which vary in strength, durability and aesthetic appearance. Familiarizing yourself with the different types can help you identify the best partition wall option for your home.


Brick partitions are one of the most common and budget-friendly types of partition walls. You can opt for a plain brick partition, a brick nogging partition or a reinforced brick partition. Regular brick partition walls are built using bricks that are laid in cement mortar and plastered on both sides. They are extremely strong and resistant to fire. A brick nogging partition contains bricks that are placed in a wooden frame, secured with mortar and plastered on both sides. The strongest type of brick partition wall is a reinforced brick partition, which is similar to a plain brick partition but also contains steel meshed strips that are added to the wall for additional strength.


Wood partitions contain wooden frames that are attached to a side wall and anchored to the floor. You can cover the wall with boards or plaster on both sides to create a solid partition. Wood partitions are lightweight and easy to construct, but they are prone to rot and insect infestation, and are not fire-resistant either.


A glass partition wall may be made with either hollow glass blocks or glass sheets. The blocks are made of translucent glass and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, square blocks are the most commonly used. The blocks are set in a bed of cement-lime mortar and may be reinforced with metal if the wall is particularly tall. Glass sheet partition walls utilize a wooden frame to hold the sheets in place. They are extremely effective in keeping out pests and noise, and are resistant to moisture. If you choose a glass partition wall, you may need to replace the blocks or sheets at some point, because glass is a very fragile material.


Concrete partitions are another type of partition wall known for their durability. You can opt for a plain concrete partition or a reinforced concrete partition if you require a stronger wall. Pre-cast concrete partitions may be solid or hollow. Solid pre-cast walls are made using pre-cast posts that hold the slab in place. The joints are secured with cement mortar. Hollow concrete partitions are composed of L-shaped or T-shaped precast slabs that are joined together with mortar, so posts are unnecessary.


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