How to Scare Bats

While bats play an important role in the world's ecosystem by controlling the bug population and spreading pollen, they are generally unwelcome inside homes. They carry disease and their droppings (called guano) can leave a huge mess. When animal control captures a bat, however, they sometimes have to destroy the animal. Home owners who wish to avoid this may look for other means of solving their bat problem. Scaring bats away is an effective way of dealing with bats without calling animal control or putting yourself in the dangerous situation of handling the bat.

Bats help keep ecosystems balanced.

Step 1

Purchase a bat repellent. These work by producing a "squeal" at a high frequency which the bats find frightening.

Step 2

Play loud music in the room the bat has inhabited. Choose music which has a heavy beat.

Step 3

Move quickly. This will scare bats; however, it will not make them more likely to leave an area, as they will become very stressed.

Henrietta Padgett

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