How to Use a Rid-A-Bug Fogger

Rid-A-Bug Fogger is an insecticide fogger for home use. A fogger is an aerosol can of insecticide that allows the user to activate the spray nozzle in order not to have to stay in range of its harmful fumes while the pesticide is dispensed throughout the area being treated. According to its manufacturer, Chemsico, it kills both flying and crawling insects such as roaches, fleas, ticks, spiders, houseflies, mosquitoes, small flying moths, silverfish, crickets, beetles, ants and wasps. One can is sufficient for an entire room up to 25 feet by 30 feet with an 8-foot ceiling.

The Rid-A-Bug fogger kills roaches and other crawling insects when activated indoors.

Step 1

Make sure children and pets leave the area that is to be treated and tightly cover or remove any fish tanks or bowls. Cover or remove any exposed food or food storage containers. Shut off all running electrical appliances, as well as any sources of heat or flame such as heaters or stove pilot lights. Close all doors and windows.

Step 2

Open all cabinets and interior, pantry or closet doors. Close all exterior doors and all windows.

Step 3

Protect the surface in the center of the room on which you will place the fogger by covering it with layers of newspaper or paper towels; you can use a table or stand or place the fogger directly on the floor. Cover all wood surfaces such as wood floors or furniture in the area near the fogger with newspapers.

Step 4

Shake the fogger can well. Activate the fogger by tilting the top of the can away from you and pressing down on the trigger until it locks into place.

Step 5

Set the can upright on the newspapers or paper toweling and leave the room for at least two hours.

Step 6

Return to the room after at least two hours have elapsed and open all doors and windows. Turn on your air conditioner or several fans for at least 30 minutes to air out the room.

Step 7

Use the treated area as you normally would. Dispose of the empty can of Rid-A-Bug fogger by placing it in the trash or recycling bin for pickup depending upon laws in your area.

Step 8

Repeat the process every two to four weeks as necessary.