Manufacturer Instructions for Farberware Nutristeam

The Farberware Nutristeam is a rice steamer designed to help you successfully make rice with minimal effort or electricity use. With this counter-top unit, you place the ingredients in the cooking container, put the lid on and set the timer. For those who have experienced failure in cooking rice, it can be the only way to guarantee an edible rice for your meal.

With a Nutristeam rice cooker, just about anyone can successfully cook rice.

Steaming Rice

Step 1

Measure the amount of rice you want to prepare and place it in the cooking pot. The most you can prepare at one time in the Nutristeam is 3 cups of long grain rice.

Step 2

Add water to the cooking pot. The side of the pot is marked with lines that denote the amount of rice you are cooking. For example, if you are cooking 1 cup of rice, add water until you reach the "1" line.

Step 3

Place the lid on the steamer unit. Do not remove the lid during cooking because it will allow steam to escape and increase the cooking time.

Step 4

Plug in the rice steamer and lift the power lever to the "cook" position. This unit is set to shut off automatically when the water has completely absorbed into the rice.

Step 5

Allow rice to sit for 15 minutes before fluffing it with a fork and serving. This will allow any remaining moisture to fully absorb into the rice.

Steaming Vegetables

Step 6

Place the wire cooking rack in the cooking pot. This rack is designed to allow you to place a container of vegetables onto the rack for steaming. If you have a steamer basket, place vegetables in the steamer basket and place the basket directly into the cooking pot without the rack.

Step 7

Add water to the level of the cooking rack. It is not necessary to fill beyond the surface of the rack.

Step 8

Clean vegetables and place them in a heat-resistant bowl. Place the bowl on the cooking rack.

Step 9

Cover the vegetables and raise the power lever to the "cook" position. The length of cooking time will depend on the vegetable. Soft vegetables such as mushrooms, pea pods and bean sprouts may cook in under five minutes. Dense vegetables such as cauliflower, potatoes and squash may take 10 minutes or longer.