How to Extend a Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems can be extended using a few pieces of PVC pipe, glue and sprinkler risers. Extending a sprinkler system can give you the reach that you need to fully water your landscaping, turf or garden. By extending your system, you can add any variety of sprinklers, ranging from pop-up models to impact heads for large-volume watering needs. While extending an existing sprinkler system is not necessarily easy, it is a straightforward process that applies to almost any type of underground sprinkler system.

Sprinkler systems can be extended.

Step 1

Locate the end of the sprinkler supply line you want to extend the system from. This is usually the last sprinkler head on any given zone.

Step 2

Dig away the dirt around the sprinkler head, being careful not to puncture the supply line below. Dig a trench at least 7 inches deep in a line to where you want the new sprinkler to be.

Step 3

Saw off the end of the supply pipe just past the existing sprinkler head. Make the cut as straight as possible.

Step 4

Apply a thin layer of PVC primer, followed by a layer of PVC glue, on the inside of a PVC coupler.

Step 5

Press one end of the coupler onto the cut pipe, pressing hard to set the connection. Press one end of the new supply pipe into the other side of the coupler, and press hard to set that connection.

Step 6

Apply a layer of PVC primer and glue to the inside of a PVC riser adapter. Press the adapter onto the other end of the supply pipe, with the riser hole pointed straight up. This is where the new sprinkler will be installed.

Step 7

Screw a sprinkler riser into the holes on the riser adapter. Turn by hand clockwise until tight.

Step 8

Screw a sprinkler head onto the end of the riser. Turn clockwise until tight.

Step 9

Fill the trench with dirt to conceal the PVC and sprinkler bodies.

Step 10

Wait at least three hours before running that sprinkler zone.