How to Use a Steam Mop

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Steam mops need only water to shine sealed and tiled floors.
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Using a steam mop is a simple matter of filling the unit with water, heating it up and allowing it to use its steam to lift dirt from your sealed floors. This environmentally friendly cleaning option requires nothing but water and heat to get the job done, making it a safe way to clean around children and pets. If you encounter tough stains, simply linger over them a bit longer with the mop to let the steam do its work.

Step 1

Sweep or vacuum your floor to pick up any loose debris. Removing loose dirt ensures that it doesn't get caught up in the steam mop and damage it.

Step 2

Prepare the mop by placing a freshly laundered cleaning pad onto the bottom of the unit. Fill the water reservoir with distilled water to the fill line and then plug the steam mop into an electrical outlet and turn it on.


When filling your steam mop, do so only with distilled water. Do not add vinegar or other cleansers to the water. The use of both chemicals and vinegar aredisavowed by most steam mop manufacturers and using them may void your warranty.

Step 3

Wait for the indicator light on your steam mop to illuminate. When it does, your mop is hot enough to produce steam and is ready to use.

Step 4

If you are using the steam mop on a wood or laminate floor for the first time, test the mop on an inconspicuous area. If not, begin mopping the floor using smooth, even strokes. The mop should automatically emits steam as you move it forward and picks up dirt as it slides backward. If the steam doesn't emerge from the mop head, push the steam button or pump the mop handle a few times to get it going. If you encounter a tough stain while mopping, simply hold the mop over it for about eight to 10 seconds to allow the steam to loosen it.


If your mop starts leaving streaks on the floor., turn it off, unplug it and allow it to cool down. Once it has cooled, change the cleaning pad and resume mopping.

Step 5

When you finish mopping, unplug the unit and allow it to cool. When the mop has cooled down, remove the cleaning pad from it and put the steam mop away. Wash the cleaning pad in the washing machine with warm water—it's best to clean the pad by itself rather than mixing it with other laundry items. Use liquid laundry detergent rather than powder, and avoid fabric softener. Hang the pad to dry or place it in the dryer on the lowest setting.


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