How to Raise a Metal College Loft Bed

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More space makes for easier living with roommates.
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College dorm rooms are often tiny, making it extremely difficult to fit all of your belongings comfortably in your dorm room, especially when you may have a roommate or two. By lofting your metal college twin bed, you can have plenty of space for your desk, a chair and even a mini-fridge underneath your bed. Saving space can help improve your organizational skills and make for an overall more enjoyable college dorm-life experience.


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Step 1

Determine how high you want to loft your metal bed. Make sure you will have enough room between your mattress and the ceiling so you can sit up straight without hitting your head.

Step 2

Remove your mattress from the existing metal frame and set it aside.


Step 3

Remove the bottom set of bed rails from the frame. Because most rails tend to be extremely secure, you are likely to need a hammer to complete this task. Place the rails in a secure place, as you may need to return them when you move out of your dorm.

Step 4

Remove the metal pins holding your bed at its current height and place them off to one side.


Step 5

Adjust your bed. With the help of another individual, adjust the metal frame of your bed to the height you would like.

Step 6

Replace the metal pins to securely hold your bed at its new height.


Step 7

Place your mattress back onto the metal frame.

Step 8

Decorate and make your bed as desired.


Have a friend or a parent help you with this task to make the process go much more smoothly.


Before lofting your college bed, check with your college to make sure lofted beds are acceptable in your dorm room. Many colleges do not allow lofted beds for safety as well as a lack of space between your mattress and the ceiling.