How to Put Supports Under a Bed Box Spring

Without proper support in your bed frame, your mattress and box spring may shift or sag. This can make for an uncomfortable night's sleep and certainly isn't good for your back. You can add support slats between the bed rails or beneath your box spring for added stability. Slats can be purchased, but you can just as easily cut your own.

A sagging mattress can make for a difficult night's sleep.

Step 1

Remove the box spring from the bed frame.

Step 2

Measure the width of the frame between the left and right bed rails to determine how long the support slats must be.

Step 3

Cut the bed slats from ¾-by-3-inch lumber. You'll want enough slats to space them around 4 inches apart within the bed frame.

Step 4

Lay the wooden slats across the left rail, center support beam and right rail. If the frame allows it, you can screw the slats in place to improve stability.

Step 5

Replace the box spring in the bed frame.