How to Put Supports Under a Bed Box Spring

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Not having support when it comes to your bed can lead to a slew of issues, whether it's lack of sleep or back problems. If you have a bed with a box spring that sags, there are ways to support your bed box spring. The simplest way is to purchase support for your bed, but there are DIY ways to keep your existing bed frame from sagging. Your back will thank you!


What Is a Box Spring?

A box spring is a heavy platform that you put under your mattress. Most box springs are made out of a wooden skeleton with spring coils. The spring coils provide bounce and durability for your bed. A thin layer of sheeting or cushion covers the box spring.


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You can find box springs made out of different types of materials, but the most durable one you will find has a wood box base. The benefits of installing a box spring include adding more bounce, durability, and height to your bed. The cons are that they can be heavy and costly. Because they are heavy, that may cause your bed to sag prematurely.

Adding Support for King Beds

King-size beds are particularly susceptible to sagging because of their size. The best supports for king size beds don't come with the bed when you purchase it. Although you may pay more for a king-size bed, they don't come with the support you need to hold up and stabilize the middle of the bed.


The best type of support to keep your bed from sagging is a steel center support system. You can buy them at companies like Glideaway, Leggett & Platt, and Knickerbocker, which specialize in metal bed frames made from steel. Manufacturers also build unique support systems for the middle of your bed. These types of support systems have wooden and metal siding. This is a lower cost option compared to buying a new bed frame.


Add Support to an Existing Frame

You can add commercial or DIY bed supports to existing frames of all sizes. Some support options include:

  • Bed slats:​ If you have a simple frame around the perimeter with one or two bars across the middle, buy slats to add to the frame. You can buy premade bed slats or cut 1x4 boards to the correct length to fit across the bed frame. Screw the planks onto the bed frame to hold the box spring and mattress securely.

  • Plywood:​ Another option is laying plywood across your bed frame or over the existing slats for additional support. For a queen or king bed, you'll need two pieces of plywood to cover everything. Measure and cut the plywood to fit perfectly into the bed frame. Screw it to the frame.

  • Tighten parts:​ If your current bed frame and supports seem loose, try tightening the screws and connectors. This can reduce wiggling and secure the connections to make the supports sturdier.

  • Replace existing supports:​ Upgrading existing supports can help strengthen the bed. You might replace thin wood slats with thicker wood or metal slats, for example. You might replace a weak center support with a stronger support with cross bars.


If your bed continues to sag, replacing the box spring might be necessary. Old or broken box springs often can't be repaired or supported even with additional structures added to the bed frame. Consider the age and condition of the box spring and mattress to determine if you need a new one.




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