Disadvantages of Bed Risers

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A bed riser raises the bed several inches off of the floor.
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A bed riser is a type of heavy-duty mold used to support a bed frame and mattress unit. It raises the base of the bed up from the floor to allow for more storage space and increase the overall height of the bed. Bed risers are made from a variety of materials including high-impact polypropylene.


A standard bed rise is about 6 inches in height so your bed will only be raised a few inches, but this could pose an inconvenience getting in and out of bed. Getting into bed could be challenging if you are short or have issues with mobility. A stepping stool will provide assistance in getting your legs into bed and reduce your risk of slipping or losing your balance when stepping out of bed onto the floor. You might also find it difficult to reach the center of the bed to make your bed or adjust blankets and sheets.


When you raise your bed several inches with a bed riser, the bed could become unstable. Leaning on the bed or trying to move it when it is on risers could cause it to fall off of the risers. When you are on the bed, moving around or shifting a lot of weight from one side to the other could result in the base slipping off a riser. This could cause injury if you fall off of the bed or the bed lands on your foot.


If your bed is not secure on top of the risers, it could collapse. If a collapse occurs, not only could it cause injury, but it could damage the bed frame and the floor underneath. If you are using bed risers for storage underneath, those items could get ruined or crushed if your bed collapses.


Bed risers are not always appealing to the eye. The rise itself can make your entire bed frame, baseboard and headboard look unappealing because most risers don't match the woodwork of your bed. A higher bed can also make it easier to see what is being stored underneath. The clutter underneath the bed can make your room appear untidy. It could be challenging to find a bed skirt that will reach from the bottom of the bed to the floor, unless you have one that's custom-fitted.


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