How to Buff Quartz Countertops

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Things You'll Need

  • Sponge

  • Quartz cleaner

  • Spray bottle

  • 2 soft cloths

A soft cloth is all you need to buff quartz.

Having quartz countertops in your kitchen is a wise investment and an aesthetically pleasing design choice. Quartz countertops come in a full range of colors and patterns and are resistant to extreme heat, staining and scratches. Quartz is a non-porous material that has a hardness comparable to granite yet a greater inherent flexibility which makes it unlikely to crack. Quartz is such a strong, durable material, you don't even need to seal it. Even though quartz is so durable, you still most avoid harsh abrasives and buff it delicately.

Step 1

Dampen a sponge and add a quarter-sized amount of quartz cleaner to the center. Rub the ends of the sponge together to distribute the detergent. Wipe down the surface area of the countertop with your sponge. This will remove any build-up and make buffing easier.

Step 2

Spray the countertop with clean warm water and a soft cloth. Blot the cloth on top of the counter to remove the moisture.

Step 3

Rub a soft, lint-free cloth back and forth across the surface of the quartz. Continue until you have buffed the entire surface area using this back and forth movement. Then turn the cloth over and rub the countertop with the cloth in small little circles. This will bring the quartz to a powerful shine.


Always use a cutting board when chopping vegetables of other food items.


Avoid harsh or abrasive cleaners on your quartz counter top.


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