How to Get Burn Marks Out of Bathroom Sink Tops

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You can get burn marks out of bathroom sink tops.
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A curling iron or other hot item left too long on the bathroom sink top can leave behind a reddish or brown mark. Depending on the material, a burn mark on a countertop can be removed easily and the surface returned to its blemish-free condition.


Tips for Removing Burn Marks

A burn mark on a countertop that's more than superficial and requires sanding also needs a gentle hand. Regardless of the material of the bathroom sink top, start with a low grade of wet-dry sandpaper, such as 240 grit. Don't push and grind an abrasive pad or piece of sandpaper into the burn mark. This can create deeper scratches and an uneven repair surface.


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When using bleach or another strong cleaner, always dilute it and immediately rinse it away. To prevent scorch marks, place a small silicone baking mat or trivet under the curling iron or other hot hair tool to protect the surface of bathroom sink tops.

Working With Cultured Marble

Once the bathroom sink top has been scorched, a cultured marble countertop's protective gel coat or finish has been damaged. If the scorch mark is fresh and slight, use a solution of 1 part bleach to 2 parts water to rub out the stain. Rinse the area well to remove the bleach solution.


A light sanding and refinishing can remove a stubborn burn mark. Before sanding, apply a rubbing compound to the burned area. This will protect the surrounding area and make it easier to sand the burn mark and buff the countertop. Use an 800-grit wet-dry sandpaper. If that isn't cutting it, move up to a piece of 1,000-grit sandpaper.

After the burn mark is removed, use a buffing pad over the area. A power polisher can ensure that the surface is nicely evened out and buffed to blend in the repair spot. Finish with a cream wax polish made for cultured marble. Treat the entire bathroom sink top to condition and maintain the protective gel coat.


Burn Marks on Corian

A Corian countertop is solid, so burn marks can be sanded without ruining the color or shading. This also makes it easy for the average homeowner to make a minor repair on the bathroom sink top's surface. A Corian countertop repair kit can take out surface burns left behind from hot hair tools.


Use a bathroom cleaner to clean the countertop of any residue or film. A clean workspace ensures that the sandpaper and cleaning pads don't get clogged from old hairspray, hard water or other material that collect on bathroom sink tops. Rinse the bathroom sink top and leave it wet while you work on the burned area.

Use the smallest grade of the abrasive pads in the kit and gently rub the burn mark on the wet countertop. Rub in one direction to start and rotate to 90 degrees until the burn mark is no longer noticeable. If the scorched area is still visible, continue the process by moving up the different grades of colored pads in the repair kit. Finish with Micro-Gloss Liquid Abrasive or a similar product to return shine to a high-gloss countertop.



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