How to Repair a Burn Mark on Wood Furniture

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Things You'll Need

  • Extra fine steel wool--0000 grade

  • Lemon oil

  • Furniture polish

  • Soft cloth

  • Fine grit sandpaper

Repair a burn mark on wooden furniture to make it look like new.
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Burn marks happen on wooden furniture for a variety of reasons. It could have been the result of a hot curling iron, a hot pot or a cigarette, among others. There is a way to fix the burn mark yourself. Although the repair is not overly difficult, it will take care to do and can be a little time consuming. Taking the time to fix it correctly however, will save the piece of furniture and make it look as good as new.


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Step 1

Rub the burn mark with very fine 0000 grade steel wool. Pour a little lemon oil over the burn mark first before rubbing. If the burn mark is only a surface burn gently rub the area and check often to see if you have removed the burned area. Stop rubbing as soon as you see the burn mark is gone. 0000 grade steel wool is available at hardware stores and home improvement stores.


Step 2

Wipe up all dust from the surface of the furniture. Use a soft cloth and apply furniture polish over the area. Buff it out to a shine..

Step 3

Sand out deeper burns with a fine grit sandpaper. Apply a matching coat of gel stain to the area if the sanding has gone through the original stain. Gel stains are available at hardware and home improvement stores and will match virtually any color of furniture. They are available in pens for ease of application onto smaller areas like burn marks.