How to Erase a Burn From a Vinyl Floor

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Some modern vinyl flooring is made to resemble natural stone, wood planks or ceramic tiles.
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Vinyl flooring is inexpensive and durable, but one drawback is that it burns or scorches when in contact with something very hot. A hot grease spatter, a dropped match or burning cigarette ashes will create noticeable marks and blisters. You can actually "erase" light surface burns from vinyl flooring with common household supplies. But for deeper burns, you need to create a patch or use a repair kit.


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Sand It Away

After cleaning the area with mild dishwashing liquid mixed in water and a sponge, cut a small section from sandpaper and fold it in half. Gently rub in circular motions over the burned area to remove the scorching. Don't rub too hard with the sandpaper, or you may peel off layers of the vinyl. Finish the area by polishing it with a car polishing compound to return the sheen to the floor.

A Gritty Cleaning

The grit in powdered cleanser can erase a burn from vinyl flooring, if it is just a light surface burn. After shaking your preferred powdered cleanser over the burned area, dampen a sponge under the faucet and wring it out. Scrub the cleanser into the burned area, working in circular motions until it disappears. Wipe it clean with a damp sponge. Apply car polishing compound over the burned area to restore its shine.


Repairing Deeper Burns

Repair deeper burns by patching the area. Cut a section of vinyl flooring material that's left over from installation. Match the pattern, then cut the patch larger than the burned area by about 2 inches. Tape the top patch over the burned area after aligning the pattern. Cut through both layers of the vinyl flooring, so your patch is the exact size of the hole you'll patch. Remove the flooring you just cut through. Apply vinyl adhesive to the patch, Work the patch into place in the cut-out -- ensuring the pattern stays aligned as you go -- using a dull knife. Use a rolling pin to help flatten the patch. Place a heavy object on the patched area until the adhesive cures, which may take up to 24 hours.


Vinyl Repair Kit

If you do not have any vinyl flooring left over to create a patch, you can pick up a vinyl flooring repair kit that allows you to fill the cutaway area with a neutral filler material. Follow the instructions for the kit to mix the filler and scoop it into the hole that's remains after you remove the burned section. After the filler has dried, color match the pattern from the paints that come with the kit. Apply acrylic sealer to the area after the filler and paint has dried.


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