Problems With the Electrolux Refrigerator Ice Maker

Homeowners often enjoy the convenience of having a built-in ice maker inside their refrigerator because it provides a steady supply of ice. An Electrolux refrigerator is a potential option if you are interested in a refrigerator with an ice maker, because the brand offers several different models that feature the appliance. Despite the brand's solid reputation, however, you may sometimes encounter issues with your ice maker that prevent it from operating effectively. Most of these problems can be solved without professional assistance, so you can be back to enjoying fresh ice without too much trouble.

There may be an issue with the refrigerator's water supply line if your Electrolux ice maker fails to produce ice.

Ice Maker Does Not Operate

Your Electrolux refrigerator's ice maker may occasionally fail to produce ice. In many cases, the ice maker's power switch has simply been set to the "Off" position, so turning the switch on will allow the appliance to make ice. If the maker is turned on but still not producing ice, the water supply may not be properly connected to the refrigerator. Consult the installation instructions to ensure that the water line is connected to the refrigerator correctly. Be sure to check that your home's water line valve is open as well, so water can flow to the ice maker. In addition, if the cold water pipe's valve is obstructed or clogged, the ice maker may not be receiving an adequate water supply. Consult a plumber if you are unsure of how to locate and remove the clog yourself. Finally, if your refrigerator model is fitted with a filtration system, make sure that the ice and water filter cartridge is firmly in place. A clogged filter may also prevent water from reaching the ice maker, so replace the filter if necessary.

Ice Maker Does Not Separate Cubes

An Electrolux refrigerator's ice maker is designed to produce ice as separated cubes. On occasion, however, you may find that that the ice is in chunks. If the ice cubes are not used frequently, they may begin to stick together so they form larger chucks of ice. Shaking the ice bin periodically helps prevent this from occurring. In addition, if the cubes are smaller than they should be or hollow, they are more likely to stick together. Hollow or small ice cubes are usually the result of a clogged ice and water filter. Replacing the cartridge may help alleviate the problem.

Ice Maker Continually Makes Ice

While your Electrolux refrigerator's ice maker should produce a steady supply of ice, it may sometimes continue to make ice when the ice bin is already full. The ice maker is equipped with a sensor arm that signals the maker to stop producing ice when the bin is full. If a food item pins the sensor arm down, it will not send the necessary message to the ice maker when the bin becomes full. Moving the offending food item away from the signal arm so it is not held down will stop the maker from producing excess ice.

Ice Has Strange Odor and Taste

In some instances, you may notice that your Electrolux refrigerator's ice maker is producing ice with a strange odor and/or taste. Usually, this is the result of the cubes absorbing flavors or scents from food that is stored in the freezer. Be sure to tightly cover any foods that you plan to place in the refrigerator. In addition, stale ice may take on a funny taste or smell, so be sure to use your ice supply regularly and discard any ice that has been in the refrigerator for more than a couple of days.