Marble flooring is a beautiful and expensive addition to any room. To maintain their luster, the floors should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning process for marble flooring involves waxing, stripping and polishing. When marble floors are waxed, the wax residue has a tendency to build up over time, which is why you need to strip the floor to remove the wax. With the correct application of a wax stripper and stripping technique, you can strip your marble floors.

Wax buildup on marble floors can make the floor look dull.

Step 1

Attach a heavy-duty scrub brush to an extension. Many home construction stores sell scrub brushes with optional extension poles. Select one that is the size of a broom handle.

Step 2

Put on protective gloves and eyewear. Wax-stripping chemicals can be hazardous to the skin and eyes, so always protect yourself before working with these chemicals.

Step 3

Mix an ammonia-based wax stripper with warm water in a gallon bucket. There are many different types of wax strippers available on the market. Make sure that you select a cleaning solution that is specifically designed for cleaning marble and closely follow the label instructions so that you add the appropriate amount of water to dilute the wax stripper. If you fail to properly dilute the wax stripper, you could damage your marble floor.

Step 4

Dip the scrub brush into the bucket of cleaning solution and scrub the entire surface of the marble floor.

Step 5

Rinse the floor with clean, warm water and a clean, cotton mop.

Step 6

Let the floor air-dry. If you still see areas that are unclear or have wax build up on the surface, re-clean that area, rinse and allow to dry.