How to Light a Gas Water Heater With an Electric Pilot

The pilot light on a gas water heater can be extinguished by drafts or temporary interruptions in gas service. Most gas water heaters produced recently are equipped with an electric igniter to light the pilot light. Relighting a gas water heater with an electronic igniter is done through a step-by-step that generally applies to all water heaters. Usually, this task can be done by a novice in less than 10 minutes.

Lighting a gas water heater with an electric igniter takes about 10 minutes.

Step 1

Remove the cover at the bottom of the water heater using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 2

Turn off the gas valve control and wait 10 minutes for excess gas to clear.

Step 3

Set the gas control knob to the pilot position and push it in. On some models, the knob doesn't push in but there should be a red button next to it that will.

Step 4

Press the igniter button until the pilot light ignites. Keep holding the gas valve control knob, or red button, in for a minute to ensure that the pilot light remains lit.

Step 5

Repeat the process if the pilot light does not stay lit. Once the pilot stays lit, turn the gas valve control to the heat position.