Proper care and maintenance is essential to the life of any home vacuum. Bissell has manufactured vacuums and other carpet cleaning devices since the late 1800's. Dismantling your Bissell vacuum allows you to perform basic repairs, change the drive belt and clean the vacuum of any excess dust and debris. Most often these repairs include fuse and belt replacement. Fortunately, most Bissell vacuums can be easily dismantled and reassembled.

Disassemble your Bissell vacuum.

Step 1

Unplug the vacuum's power cord from the nearest electrical outlet. If your vacuum is a smaller, battery-powered unit, remove the battery from the vacuum. It is never safe to dismantle your vacuum while it is still connected to a power source of any kind.

Step 2

Locate the dirt canister or plastic holder on the front of the vacuum. Slide the canister's retention lever in the unlocked position. Lift the canister out of its compartment, and pour its contents in the trash.

Step 3

Remove the attachments and their holders from the vacuum. Most attachments can be removed from the vacuum by simply pulling straight up.

Step 4

Determine if the vacuum has any filters. This mainly depends on your vacuum model. All Bissell handheld vacuums only have a single filter, while larger vacuums can have several. Disengage the retaining latch holding each filter in place, and remove all filters from the vacuum.

Step 5

Remove any Phillips-head screws, or retention latches securing the vacuum's main housing in place. Grasp each side of the vacuums main plastic housing, and lift it off of the vacuum's body. This reveals the inside of the vacuum and gives you access to many of the vacuum's internal components.