How to Disassemble the Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum Cleaner

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Keep your filters clean to ensure your WindTunnel is working properly.


Never disassemble your WindTunnel while it is connected to a power outlet.

When an appliance's reason for existing is to suck up dirt and debris, it stands to reason that it's going to get pretty filthy. Your Hoover WindTunnel keeps your floors clean, but that means you have to keep it clean--and that means learning how to disassemble it. By taking apart your WindTunnel, you can keep the various parts clean and maintain your vacuum in top condition.


Step 1

Open the lid on the storage compartment for all the tools and attachments. Remove the tools and attachments and set them aside.

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Step 2

Remove the dirt cup. Slide the lever on top of the dirt to the side, lift the cup up slightly, and pull it straight out of the vacuum. On most models, the lever will slide to the left. Disassemble the dirt cup by popping the plastic top off the cup. Remove the filter by grabbing the entire filter assembly and sliding it straight up and out of the cup. Remove the filter from its bracket.

Step 3

Open the filter door on the side of the vacuum. Remove the filter from inside the compartment. Pop the door off its hinges to remove it.


Step 4

Remove the two screws securing the headlight lens to the vacuum. The headlight lens will be located just below the upright on most WindTunnel models. Once the lens is removed, unscrew the headlight bulb.

Step 5

Lay the vacuum on its back. Remove the screws holding the bottom plate in place. Typically, there will be two or four screws attaching the plate to the vacuum. Once the plate is removed, slide the belt off the brush assembly. Pull the brush assembly and belt out of the main body of the vacuum. Remove the protective plate behind the brush by sliding it out.


Step 6

Disconnect the main hose from the vacuum. Depending on your model, the hose will screw in or clamp in. Either unscrew the hose or unlock the clamp to remove it.

Step 7

Remove the screws securing the top handle to the vacuum. Once the screws are removed, pop the top handle off the vacuum.


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