How to Remove the Agitator on a Maytag Atlantis Washing Machine

The Maytag Atlantis washing machine is a top-loading clothes washer. The Atlantis has an agitator that is located in the center of the wash tub. The agitator is used to move the clothes during the wash cycle, ensuring that all of the clothes are evenly laundered. The Maytag Atlantis' agitator is constructed of heavy plastic, and may break, crack or warp over time. If the agitator is damaged, it can be quickly removed so that a new agitator may be installed.


Step 1

Unplug the washing machine.

Step 2

Open the lid to the washing machine, then remove the cap or fabric softener cup on the top of the agitator. Both the cap and fabric softener cup will simply lift up and off of the agitator.

Step 3

Locate, then remove, the agitator bolt, located in the center of the bottom of the agitator. Use a socket wrench with extension to remove the bolt. The extension is necessary because you cannot reach the agitator bolt with the socket wrench alone.

Step 4

Lift the agitator straight out of the Maytag Atlantis washing machine.