How to Make Your Own Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Never buy another vacuum bag after making your own fabric versions.

Buying vacuum bags is a constant expense. Throwing them away creates unnecessary trash. Making your own fabric bags is easy. They are reusable and you'll never have to buy bags again. This type of bag fits any machine that works with paper inserts. You can remove it, empty it, wash it and then reattach it to your vacuum.


Step 1

Take one of the paper bags you use for your vacuum currently and separate it at the end seams. Pull it apart with your hand. Use scissors if necessary but try not to lose very much paper, you want it the same size as the original bag. Most paper vacuum bags will form a tube once the ends have been undone.

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Step 2

Cut the bag lengthwise along one of the corners to farm a large rectangle. Lay this on top of your fabric. Any type of cotton or nylon will work. Cut out a piece of fabric slightly larger than the bag. Cut up to two inches beyond the edge of the bag on all sides to form a rectangle that is slightly larger than the paper bag.


Step 3

Lay the fabric rectangle flat. Hem one of the shorter sides, these are the ends of the bag. Hem it by folding the fabric edge over one and a half inches. Sew it down. This will form a small tube insert on that end of the bag. Take a shoe lace or other type of drawstring and insert it through this tube. Use a knitting needle and knot the drawstring around the hook then insert the need through the tube. Leave plenty of slack outside so the drawstring can be tied.


Step 4

Fold the fabric rectangle in half lengthwise. Sew the edges together to form a large tube from the fabric. Stop the stitch short of the drawstring. Turn the tube right side out so the raw seam is on the inside. Gather the unfinished end by folding it the same way the paper vacuum bags are folded. If you don't know how it was done before fold it as if you are wrapping a gift. Then sew the end closed.


Step 5

Attach the bag to your vacuum by fastening the drawstring end around the circular vacuum intake hole. To make this more secure, slip a rubber gasket from the hardware store around the intake hole then tie the bag around this. The drawstring end will also be how you empty the bag.



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