6 Unexpected IKEA Bag Uses We're Bookmarking

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The iconic IKEA bag is easily recognizable. And while you might be tempted to just stash it in your closet when you're not shopping, lots of creative minds out there have found ways to put them to use.


Check out a few hacks that give the IKEA bag new purpose.

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1. Make it a picnic blanket.

During the warmer weather days, it's always good to have a lightweight blanket you can take outdoors. This IKEA hacks transformed the shopping bag into an easy-to-carry picnic staple that you can roll up when you're not using it.


2. Get organized with them.

Need to bring some order to the chaos at home? Make use of those IKEA bags to keep recycling and trash in one place; then you can easily take them out when the time comes.

3. Make a pouch to store odds and ends.

This is pretty genius. The IKEA bag can feel big and bulky, but this sewing genius turned it into a small but mighty pouch. "The bag handles became the trim for the inner bags and it's lined with another IKEA fabric," @sew.suse explains.


4. Protect your floors during muddy days.

Turns out the width of the IKEA bag is roomy enough for stowing muddy boots, like this clever family did. Keep it near the door for easy access, and then store it when you don't need it.

5. Use it to line your plastic laundry hamper.

This idea makes so much sense, we can't believe we didn't think of it earlier. Take that IKEA bag and drop it into your plastic laundry hamper to keep things contained (especially good for, uh, "messy kids stuff you want to keep as contained as possible" as Emily Squared writes). Then, you can grab your laundry easily.


6. Make a stocking for the holiday season.

While this piece was actually from a shop, we love the idea of turning it into a DIY. Grab your IKEA bag and a free sewing pattern (like this one from Diary of a Quilter) and get festive!



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