How to Get a Foam Memory Topper Back in the Bag

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The foam topper can be stored away when not in use on the mattress.
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An innovative alternative to an uncomfortable mattress, the Foam Memory Topper guarantees a comfortable sleep with body support and improved circulation. This hypoallergenic foam topper can be easily held in place over a regular mattress. A good night's sleep is achieved with this foam topper since it contours to the body, relieving back pain and minimizing motion. It comes rolled and compressed in a bag and when unpacked, needs about 72 hours to reach its full size. Getting it back into the bag, once it has expanded, is a quite difficult task.


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Step 1

Allow the topper to dry completely from water or sweat before storing it away to prevent damage or unpleasant odors. In the meantime, open up the foam memory topper's bag to a maximum to make things easier later on.

Step 2

Fold the topper into thirds. When it is removed from its packaging and expanded, it will return to its original size and shape.


Step 3

Roll up the topper. This might be difficult for one person to do alone so grab a friend or family member to help you put it back in the bag.

Step 4

Place the topper in the bag without attempting to close it. It most likely will not fit completely inside since it was vacuum sealed and compressed before it was taken out of the bag. The foam also makes it harder to slide the topper inside smoothly.


Step 5

Close the zipper on the bag about halfway, as far as you can go. Plug in a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum sealer into an outlet and suck some of the air out of the foam memory topper's bag with the topper inside. Then, quickly seal the bag. If it still doesn't close, suck some more air out, until the bag closes completely. Store in a closet, basement or wherever you choose. The topper will not expand in the bag until it is completely removed from the bag. Once removed, it will return to its size.


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