How to Calculate Running Feet of Carpet

Installing new carpeting can breathe new life to the room, but before you rush out to purchase that carpet, you need to know how much is required to cover the floor space. It may be tempting to simply calculate the square footage of the floor, however, carpeting is not sold by square feet. It is typically sold by linear feet with varying widths. For the best fit, you need to know how wide your room is to determine the width of carpet to buy and the length of the room in feet to purchase the appropriate linear feet to cover the room.

The length of the room in feet determines the linear feet of carpet required for the room.

Step 1

Measure the length and width of your room in feet to determine the size of the room.Typically the width is narrower than the length, but this is not always the case.

Step 2

Decide which direction you wish to run the carpet. Homeowners often prefer to run the length of the carpet from the entrance to the room to the opposite end. For carpets with high nap or decorative designs, the direction of the carpet is important; for low nap carpets free of designs and texture, it is less important. This measurement represents the linear feet of the carpet.

Step 3

Write down the measurements indicating both the width required and the linear feet of carpet needed to run one continuous strip of carpet.

Step 4

Purchase carpet in the required width and linear feet to cover the area.

Nannette Richford

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