How to Drill a Hole in a Laminate Countertop

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Make a hole in laminate countertop using an electric drill.

Laminate countertops are typically constructed of a pressed-wood material and topped with plastic sheathing. You can use an electric drilled equipped with a common multipurpose bit to drill through laminate countertops. A common problem when drilling into hard surfaces is that the drill bit can slip and cause surface damage to the countertop. Placing masking tape on the laminate prior to drilling through it will reduce drill bit slippage.


Step 1

Decide where you want to make a hole through the countertop. Place a few layers of masking tape at the drilling location and mark the spot with a marker.

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Step 2

Equip the electric drill with the correct-diameter drill bit. Inspect the drill for any defects that may make the tool unsafe to operate.


Step 3

Place the tip of the bit on the mark you made on the masking tape. Hold the drill at a 90-degree angle from the laminate countertop so the bit will not slip across the counter's surface.

Step 4

Squeeze the drill trigger slightly, allowing the bit to penetrate into the laminate material at a slow speed. Starting the drill too quickly may cause the bit to slip or jump.


Step 5

Bring the drill to full speed once the bit has penetrated the laminate. Keep firm pressure on the back of the drill while drilling until the bit fully penetrates the countertop. Remove the drill from the hole and turn off the tool.



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