How to Make a Laminate Countertop Shine Like Granite

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Laminate, or Formica, countertops have a lot going for them – they're cost-effective, easy to take care of, extremely durable and can come in a huge variety of different colors, patterns and effects. However, a laminate countertop is very difficult to get as shiny as one made of granite or another polished stone. Nonetheless, there are ways to make laminate countertops shine.

How to Make a Laminate Countertop Shine Like Granite
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Regular Cleaning

A great way to maintain the natural shine of a Formica countertop is through regular cleaning. This will minimize stains and stop abrasive dirt from damaging the surface. You can use an antibacterial surface cleaner and a soft microfiber cloth for this.


Scrubbing is a great way to make the surface of a laminate countertop more even, which helps it have a more reflective shine. A great natural method is to mix baking soda with water to form a rough paste. This can be buffed onto the counter, then removed with a damp cloth.

Deep Cleaning

If your laminate countertop is particularly dirty, it can be a good idea to perform a deep cleanse. This can be done with a dilute bleach and water mixture – around 1 tablespoon of bleach per quart of water. This mixture can then be rubbed on countertops using a cotton cloth. But don't forget to wear rubber gloves.

Laminate Countertop Polish

There are specialist Formica polish formulas on the market. These can be used in a similar way to furniture polish: Typically sprayed on, then rubbed in with circular motions using a duster. However, it's important to check the ingredients of these products. Anything with a high silicone content should not be used on laminate. Silicone can form a build-up on your counter surface, which can look dull and streaky and is extremely difficult to remove. If you can't find a specific laminate polish, ones designed for fiberglass or acrylic will work, too.

Car Wax

You may have heard of using car wax on wood furniture, but it can also be used to add a sheen to dull laminate countertops. Unlike spray polish formulas, car wax can also come as a liquid or solid surface countertop polish. To use car wax to make laminate countertops shine, it should be applied in circular motions across a clean countertop and left for around 10 minutes. Then, with a clean cloth, excess wax should be buffed away. Car wax not only gives a shiny, granite-like finish to Formica countertops, but it acts as a protectant. Your laminate countertops will look better and last longer.


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