Carpet browning is a common, recurring stain on most carpets. It can be caused by excessive use of carpet cleaners, rain water leakage and air-conditioning and hot water heater leaks. Browning typically occurs on the tips of the carpet fibers and will be more noticeable on lighter colors. The problem can be effectively treated with a debrowning agent.

Treat carpet browning effectively with a debrowning agent.

Step 1

Buy a debrowning treatment either online or from your local housewares store.

Step 2

Test the carpet before treating the entire affected area. Find an inconspicuous place on the carpet to test the debrowning agent to ensure that it does not react with the carpet other than to remove the stain.

Step 3

Apply the debrowning treatment to the whole carpet. Either spray or pour the treatment evenly and generously onto the entire affected area so the treatment penetrates the browning.

Step 4

Brush the area with a pile or carpet rake to even out the debrowning agent and ensure that it is penetrating all of the carpet fibers.

Step 5

Consider a second application. This is a matter of preference, depending on the severity of the browning. More severe browning may require a second treatment.

Step 6

Wait. The stains may disappear in as little as five minutes, but the treatment time varies depending on the severity of the stains and the brand of product used.

Step 7

Extract the treatment from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Some debrowning agents will specify in the instructions that the debrowning agent must be removed from the carpet.