How to Use a Woven Wire Stretcher

Tightening a fence properly will help keep it looking good and extend the life of the fence. Fences that are too loose will sway in the wind, creating friction, and pull the fence away from the posts. A tight fence will also avoid situations where animals or people get tangled in the fencing. A woven wire stretcher is used to tighten the fence when it is being put up.

Wire fences need stretching prior to attaching to a fence post.

Step 1

Make sure that all fence posts are firm and secure. Ends and corner posts should be set in concrete for most stability. If the fence posts are not set properly, the fence will buckle as the fence posts loosen, requiring fences to be tightened again later. Metal posts will use clamps to hold the fence in place.

Step 2

Attach the fence to the first post. Roll out the fencing past the next fence post, keeping it vertical. Hold the fence as close to the post as possible.

Step 3

Connect the fence to the woven wire stretcher.

Step 4

Connect the woven wire stretcher to a cable pulley or connect it to a vehicle that can pull a cable. Apply pressure gently and let the fence stretch. Do not over stretch the fencing as it may be deformed or break.

Step 5

Attach the now stretched fence to the fencepost using staples or clamps, depending on the fencepost type. Repeat stretching until complete.

Michael E Carpenter

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