How to use Lye Soap for Fleas

Fleas are a source of irritation for both pets and owners. Getting rid of these pests can be an ongoing battle that exposes the humans and pets in the house to many unpleasant chemicals or pesticides. An all-natural alternative to getting rid of fleas is old-fashioned lye soap. This flea remedy is pet safe, reduces dander and will not dry the animal's skin. Lye soap can be purchased online or at many health stores. You can also make your own soap using recipes found online and at the library.

Lye soap

Ridding Your Pet of Fleas

Step 1

Fill your bathtub with warm water and place your pet in the tub. If your pet is a cat then a deep sink might be an easier option than a tub. You can also wash your animal outside if the weather is warm, although your pet will probably enjoy a hotter bath. Also, soap will be harder to rinse away with cold hose water.

Step 2

Completely soak your pet using a large cup, taking care not to dump water over the nose and eyes. Use your hand to wet the face area.

Step 3

Work the lye soap into a lather in your hands or directly on your pet's coat. Start washing around the top of the animal's neck to force the fleas away from the face, ears and eyes. Lather the entire coat completely and let the soap sit for a few minutes to ensure saturation.

Step 4

Rinse the animal with fresh water from the tap. If your pet's infestation is serious, the fleas might have already jumped into the water. You don't want to pour the fleas back onto the coat when rinsing the soap out.

Step 5

If you feel it is warranted, repeat the entire process after draining and refilling the tub with fresh water.

Step 6

Towel dry your pet.

Ridding Your Pet's Bedding of Fleas

Step 1

Gather up all the bedding your pet sleeps or lays on and throw it in the washing machine.

Step 2

Shave off approximately a 1/2 cup of chips of lye soap with a vegetable peeler and wash the bedding in hot water to kill the fleas.

Wash all bedding in lye soap

Dry the bedding and set up the pet's sleeping area with a bar of lye soap knotted in a sock tucked under the pillow or blanket. This will discourage fleas from returning.

Step 4

Repeat this whole process a week or two later to catch any fleas that hatched after the first bath.