How to Recover a Valley Pool Table

By Chris Baylor

Valley pool tables are available in both consumer models, with netted pockets, and coin-operated tables with ball returns. Valley pool tables use either a genuine slate or synthetic substrate to provide a flat playing surface. Felt typically covers the playing surface and it allows the balls to roll smoothly and evenly across the surface. Over time, the felt can fade or deteriorate, thus needing replacement. You can recover a Valley pool table in a couple of hours with new felt and some basic hand tools.

A Valley pool table has a flat playing surface covered with felt to allow the balls to roll smoothly and evenly.

Step 1

Loosen and remove the nuts on the large bolts underneath the table that hold the six rails onto the table with a wrench. Lift the rails off the table and set aside, keeping track of the original location of each rail.

Step 2

Lift and remove each of the staples around the perimeter of the table securing the felt covering with a flat-head screwdriver. Pull out any broken staples with a pair of pliers. After you've removed all the staples, fold and set aside the old felt fabric.

Step 3

Position the new felt over the entire tabletop. Align one end of the felt with the end of the tabletop, and secure it to the table with a staple every 2 inches along the end.

Step 4

Move to the center of the opposite end of the table, and pull the felt taut. Place a single staple to secure the fabric. Work outward from the center, pulling the felt taut and placing a staple every 2 inches until you've secured the entire end of the table.

Step 5

Step to one long side of the table. Pull slightly on the felt to smooth the fabric over the slate without stretching the fabric excessively. Place a staple every 2 inches along the side to secure the fabric.

Step 6

Go to the center of the opposite side of the table, and pull the fabric tight across the slate. Secure with a single staple, then work outwards once again, pulling the fabric taut and securing with a staple every 2 inches along the side of the table.

Step 7

Tap down any staples around the perimeter that are sticking up above the fabric with a hammer. Trim any excess fabric from around the table with a pair of scissors.

Step 8

Move to one of the corner pockets and cut three slits in the fabric in the pocket up to 1/2-inch below the bottom of the slate. Fold the slits underneath the table so there are no creases in the pocket, and secure the slits with felt cement to the underside of the table.

Step 9

Repeat the previous step with the other five pockets around the table.

Step 10

Locate all of the rail bolt holes in the slate and poke a hole through the fabric through each of the bolt holes. Replace the rails onto the table in their original positions, and secure by tightening the nuts onto the bolts from underneath the table.