Pros and Cons of Whole House Humidifiers

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A whole house humidifier provides a healthier home.

Maintaining a proper level of moisture in your home is important for your health. If the atmosphere is too arid, mucous membranes dry out and allow bacteria and viruses an unhealthy environment in which to flourish. Mayo Clinic emphasizes the importance of providing a proper level of moisture in the air of your home in order to prevent pesky colds. When deciding upon whether to install a whole house humidifier, there are several pros and cons to consider.

Easy to Control Remotely

Whole house humidifiers are often controlled by a remote control system. With this option, you typically set what level of humidity you desire. The system will maintain this set level without you needing to further intervene.

No Need to Add Water

Unlike portable units that are consistently filled with water, whole house systems are linked directly to your plumbing system. Having this level of water maintained automatically eliminates your concern of whether the unit has run dry. Therefore, proper humidity is always maintained in your home.

Silence is Golden

Whole house humidifiers operate through your home's furnace by way of the duct system. Because there is no unit out in the open, it's virtually undetectable to your ear. If peace and quiet are important to you, not hearing the unit turn on and off is an advantage.

Resale Value

As with any addition to your home, declaring you have a whole house humidifier only adds to its value. It may not add up to much in terms of dollars but it will make your home appear to have more bells and whistles and stand out among the rest of your competition. You can have your real estate agent emphasize the humidifying system in terms of it adding to the healthful environment of your home.

Hidden Away

One of the clearest advantages of a whole house humidifier is its invisibility. Portable humidifiers are typically bulky and hard to miss when you enter a room or hallway. With a whole house unit, you forget it's even there while it helps to keep you healthy.

Less Likely Do-it-Yourself

While it is not unheard of to install your own humidifying system, it is more common to have someone install it for you. Whole house systems are obviously not as easy as taking a portable unit out of the box and plugging it in. For the exchange of having a system that requires less maintenance, you will likely incur the expense of someone hooking it up for you.

Required Maintenance

Because any humidifier comes in contact with water, maintenance is required for your whole house unit as well. Especially if your water supply is on the hard side, mineral deposits can form and require your attention. Typically at the end of the winter, a thorough cleaning with a solution of white vinegar is needed.

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