How to Refill Disposable Bic Lighters

Lighters are not expensive items but their cost can add up if you constantly have to replace them. A cheaper option is to refill your lighter. Refilling your lighter will also help the environment as it lessens landfill waste. Bic disposable lighters can be refilled with butane. Butane is available at your local hardware store. Refilling lighters is dangerous and you have to be extra careful when handling butane.


Push a pen or a small pointed object into the hole at the bottom of your Bic lighter. This hole leads to a hollow stem. Pressing into the hole will release any leftover gas.

Uncover the butane fuel container. There will be a very thin stem tip on top of the fuel container.

Hold the lighter and butane fuel upside down. Stick the stem into the hole where you pushed the pen in. Insert butane into the Bic lighter for 5 to 8 seconds.

Wait for the butane to reach room temperature inside the lighter. This will take about 3 or 4 minutes.

Test the lighter. Make sure that it is lighting properly. If not, you can try to repeat the refilling process.